Eight Days up the Inside Passage in an 18' Skiff

An Archive in Vines: June 20–28, 2014

Kelsey Breseman
3 min readJul 3, 2018

In June of 2014, my dad bought a little aluminum skiff in the Seattle area. The boat was intended for use in Pelican/Sunnyside, southeast Alaska– 1,000 miles of water passage to the north.

My parents, our family friend Matt, and I ran the boat up the Inside Passage over the course of eight days. We napped on the plastic floor, camped in ruins, watched whales and porpoises, and navigated open ocean crossings.

Inexplicably, I decided to document this trip with solely the now-defunct medium of Vine. RIP, Vine, but thanks for the archives.

Here’s the trip:

Day 1: Edmonds, WA to Campbell River, BC (200 miles, 13 hours)