Race to Alaska: Queen Charlotte

Kelsey Breseman
3 min readJun 22, 2022

We spent a couple of minutes yesterday trying to figure out how long we’ve been going. The rotating sleep schedule really messes with your sense of time. We haven’t stopped except when required by race organizers or the current through Seymour Narrows: a little more than eight days of near-constant motion.

We even did boat work while in motion yesterday: sailed into a protected bay to fix a mainsail car and climb the mast to move a pedal station halyard while Liam pedaled us in a slow horseshoe so we wouldn’t have to anchor.

In general, I’ve felt pretty good: chipper spirits, reasonably rested. We have a meal every four hours, and though I (a notorious eater even in ordinary times) am hungry between every one of them, we have lots of snacks.

My back and shoulders are sore from working the jib sheets, pulling lines, cranking winches, knees from pedaling, and I’ve got bruises all down my shins from bracing hard on a bucking boat- nothing is simple when the floor is constantly changing angles. But it has all felt fine. I do boat yoga in calmer seas, twisting and stretching against the mainmast stays while on log lookout.

Last night, though, I bumped my head pretty hard a couple of times, enough that I had Rick check my pupils for matching dilation. He said they looked okay, but I had a raging headache when I woke up…